FAQ Page

Q: Is my jack worth replacing?

A: In most cases, the answer is no, it’s not worth fixing. But it all depends on how much you paid for your jack and what quality it is. So many products made today are disposable and aren’t worth fixing.  Please consider the cost of a new jack and how much time and money it would be for us to repair the old one.


Q: I can’t find someone to fix my Hydraulic Equipment. Do you do maintenance and repairs on hydraulic systems in the greater Brisbane area?

A: We thrive on the hard to fix jobs. Please call us and we’ll talk it through and have a look. In most cases, we can get things working again. We service and repair all hydraulic systems. This is our favourite kind of job and we do it well.


Q: I can’t find the right seal to fit. They don’t seem to make it anymore.

A: We can have any seal size, shape and thickness in the correct material created for you. Please talk to us. We may have a viable alternative.


Q: Can you supply the staff to do the high pressure water cutting as well as supply the equipment?

A: No sorry, we will create the water cutter for you but you will need your own staff to do the job. We’re happy to be present while you do the job to make sure the equipment works seamlessly. We can also design and manufacture the jig and all tooling required for your job.


Q: Do your mobile workshops have welders and pipe benders on board?

A: Yes, our mobile workshops have everything we need to complete a job. Whether it is stainless, aluminium or any form of steel we can weld on site. We also carry a full range of hoses, hydraulic pumps, high pressure water, oxy acetylene, plasma and fittings. We have it all. It is a blue moon if we can’t fix it on site.


Q: Do you do Tieman hydraulic lift repairs?

A: Yes we do. We are happy to keep all your Tieman lifts for your trucks running smoothly.


Q: I have a large piece of Equipment that runs well. However, there has always been an extra function I wish could be incorporated into its role. Can you create that extra function into my existing system?

A: Yes we can. We love to design solutions and add components to equipment. We need to see the machine working in the field, look at the human component and see how we can manufacture the added function.


Q: Can you repair my hydraulic cylinder (ram)?

A: Yes. We rebuild all hydraulic cylinders or if beyond repair, can supply a replacement.


Q: Can you come to me to replace a hydraulic hose?

A: Yes. We carry a vast selection of hydraulic hoses and fittings on our mobile workshop.

For any other questions, please feel free to ring Viv on 0435 176 063